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Please remember that you are required to link back to this site if you want your site to be listed in the directory.

Please link back using this URL only:

Please make sure you place your link back to the Seductive Directory ASAP and in an easy to find place. If I am unable to find a link back within a few minutes of browsing your site then your site will not be listed.

Direct-Linkable buttons

Please choose one of the codes below and use it to link back to this directory.

If you are unable to upload a button you may use one of these three buttons. You can get the link for them by clicking the button you wish to use. Then just enter it in the html code below:

88 x 31

75 x 50

100 x 35

Text Links

You can link back to the Seductive Directory using one of the text links below:

HTML Code:

Forum Code:

If you are placing a text link on a forum it must be in a sticky post in an obvious place (i.e. advertising section) or in the header or footer of the forum.

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