About Seductive Directory

This site is a a website directory for sites of a fantasy or supernatural nature. For more information please read below.

• What sort of sites do you list here then?

Any websites with a fantasy or supernatural theme. Fansites and fanlistings may be for authors, books, films, tv programs or comics that have a fantasy or a supernatural theme.

The directory will only include sites that are 'alive': websites that are being updated. If your website has no update listed or has not been updated in several months, I reserve the right to remove it without warning. Fansites are the only type of site that will be accepted regardless of updates.

• What won't you list here?

Wicca, Witchcraft, Occult, spells sites or mythology/folk lore sites. Your site has to be related to the fictional genres of fantasy or supernatural to be listed here. Art, graphics or author sites of these genres are accepted.

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