Please read through these rules before submitting a site to the listings.

1) This directory is for any type of website run by a person; this means that your site needs to have content of some description. It can't just be a random link dump or an automaticly generated news page.

2) All sites listed in the listing must link back to Ruby Wings Listings. Please keep the link up at all times as there will routine listing checks for link backs and inactivity.

3) Sites that require regular updates (such as cliques, forums, fanlistings) must be kept updated and may be removed if deemed inactive for several months. Static sites (aka sites that contain useful content but do not require updates or are no longer being updated) are welcome in the listing and won't be removed for inactivity.

6) There are two link back buttons that may be direct-linked. If you direct-link any image on this site your site will be removed/rejected from the listing. If you are unaware of what direct-linking is please see this site for details.

7) Please keep your website information up to date using the update form.

Please keep in mind that I retain the right to remove or reject any site from this listing at any time if the rules are not followed.