Ruby Wings listing is a place to get your site listed in exchange for a link back; a link back is when you place one of our buttons on your site and link it back to http://ruby-wings.net/listings/. Not only is this good nettiquette but it also means you're helping the flow of traffic so more people will visit and find your site.

How to get listed

It is free to submit your site so all you need to do is fill out this form and make sure you're following the rules. The listing is updated every few days and you will recieve an automatic email once your site has been added to the directory. Be sure to keep your site details up to date otherwise your site might be removed.

Help! I can't find my site

If you can't find your site it could be due to a few reasons; 1) you weren't linking back/following the rules, 2) your site was severely out of date, 3) your url led to a broken/closed/404 error. There will be sites listed here that won't be regularly updated, however, sites that are activity based may be removed if deemed inactive. This will be decided by the webmaster on a case by case basis. Don't worry; sites will only be considered 'inactive' after 3 months of no updates.