Welcome to Ruby-Wings.net, the personal site of Heather known in the online world as artisticchardon, jadedlioness and Kaelea. Here you can find out more information about me, my interests, online projects and more.

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Network Updates

8th August 2013 - Another busy period with little updates unfortunately. I've joined Listography and I'm using it to list website updates and new projects. So feel free to have a nosey over at my listography page and add me if you also use it! Not many updates yet but more to come; today I fiddled with some coding and updated my list of visited places.

7th June 2013 - It has been a busy past few months! I have just opened two new website cliques; Fighting Everyday (a clique for invisible illness sufferers and supporters) and Bookworms (a clique where you can claim your favourite book or series). In addition to these I've just finished Project Clique, a clique revival project and community hub which includes a website directory for cliques. I've been considering this for a while and have been too nervous to open it. I'm really excited about it so please spread the word!

5th March 2013 - It's been a busy few months! There's a new layout at Distant Fantasies and a matching skin on the forum. The skin took absolutely ages and many headaches but I'm really proud of how it came out and the lessons learn along the way. My Site Collective is also now up and complete.

26th January 2013 - Finished my secret project; Webmaster Links at Mind-Blast.net. It is a list of links for fun, joinable and promotion sites for webmasters and includes links to active cliques, website listings, Trading Card Games and button rotations. Also added a tagboard below.

23rd November 2012 - Ruby Wings.net is now finally open!

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